West Grange Pharmacy: Where Everyone Knows Your Name and Personalized Service Proves To Be a Perfect Prescription

The West Grange Pharmacy Team

West Grange Pharmacy was honored as Trenton’s 2013 Business of the Year.

It’s not uncommon to run into neighbors and catch up with friends while picking up a prescription at West Grange Pharmacy in Trenton. In fact, most days the comfortable pharmacy reception area resembles the television show Cheers, where “everyone knows your name” and conversation and conviviality abound. In this era of national big box retailers and impersonal chain drugstores, the atmosphere is refreshing and one of the primary reasons downriver residents have chosen West Grange Pharmacy as their preferred family pharmacy for 57 years.

West Grange Pharmacy customers regularly bypass national retailers along West Road. While it might be a shorter distance to go to a chain drugstore closer to home, patients drive a few extra minutes to West Grange Pharmacy to talk to their trusted family pharmacist. Unlike pharmacists at chain retailers who frequently lack longevity at one location, Jim Giordano, RPh. has been at West Grange Pharmacy for 19 years, and Manda Fernandez, RPh. and Trenton native Rachel Heneger, Pharm D. have been there for 12 and 17 years, respectively.

Rich Grossman

Owner Rich Grossman

Owner Rich Grossman, a pharmacist himself, believes it’s essential for patients to have a personal pharmacist who is up to date on their medication history and genuinely cares about them.

“Individuals should have their own doctor, dentist and pharmacist,” explained Grossman. “You wouldn’t go to a different dentist every year to get your teeth cleaned or a different physician for your annual checkup. It is vital to establish a longstanding relationship with all of your health care providers, including your family pharmacist.”

Old-fashioned customer service is alive and well at West Grange Pharmacy. New patients receive handwritten thank you notes. Patients are greeted by name by the longtime staff. A pharmacist is always on site to answer questions. The store publishes Health Matters Monthly, a complimentary e-newsletter featuring timely health information for patients. And West Grange Pharmacy makes house calls. Prescription orders placed by noon on weekdays are hand delivered free to patients’ homes within five miles of the store.

“We are a full-service pharmacy in every way,” said Giordano. “We make it easy for our valued customers to get their prescriptions quickly, efficiently and correctly. We carry over 2,000 name brand and generic medications, far more than any other pharmacy in town. We know it’s frustrating when a pharmacy doesn’t carry the medication that’s been prescribed. That is rarely, if ever, the case at West Grange Pharmacy. We have a reputation for carrying hard to find prescription medications.”

“West Grange Pharmacy is very convenient, and it’s very easy to get your prescription filled,” said longtime customer Holly Sworst. “I am a nurse and they make it very, very simple for my seniors in the area to get their refills.”

West Grange Pharmacy has a state-of-the-art blood pressure machine and is part of the national wellness initiative, Million Hearts®. The program’s goal is to prevent one million heart attacks and strokes by 2017. It’s free to join and patients receive a card personalized with their health information. When they swipe their card and take their blood pressure, the reading is automatically uploaded to their personal website. Patients can allow their physicians and West Grange pharmacists to access their website so everyone can work together to manage the patient’s blood pressure.

West Grange Pharmacy was honored as Trenton’s 2013 Business of the Year. The store is a proud member of the Trenton Business Association and title sponsor of the Trenton Educational Foundation.