Healthcare Resources

AIDS Information — US Department of Health and Human Services
Read in-depth about the guidelines to treatment and prevention, new and improved drugs approved to treat HIV, clinical test and trials, and preventive and therapeutic vaccines.

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
Here you will find a variety of different resources related to allergies, asthma, and immunizations. Here you will be provided with a powerful search engine, discover if your symptoms correlate with those allergy symptoms and conditions, educate yourself new monthly research topics, and read about new medicines with an in-depth online medication guide.

American Diabetes Association
This site provides a comprehensive look at the various types of diabetes, pre-diabetic signs and symptoms, advancements in scientific research and the future of diabetes treatment, to prevention practices with risk test analysis by actual doctors. Healthy recipes are offered as is information related to local and national community groups.

Path 2 Parenthood
This site provides useful information about adoption, preserving male and female fertility, specific fertility treatments, support groups, clinics, therapists, and an available physician referral network.

American Lung Association
This site provides a wide range of information pertaining to a variety of lung and lung-related conditions. It also includes research about advanced treatments, new medications, programs, events and a broad search engine.

Children With Diabetes
This is a great site for parents that have children of all ages with diabetes. Here you can find online chat rooms and an open forum to find other parents with similar concerns.

Mayo Clinic
This site offers all around health advice for both men and women. Find information about diseases and their conditions, specialized drugs and supplements, how to make the right treatment decisions for you or your loved one, living a healthy lifestyle, and tips about parenting and children’s programs.

Men’s Health Network
This site offers news and information about significant men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, free screenings, and health fairs. It also includes informational links to journal articles and online forum discussions.

National Kidney Foundation
This site provides relevant news and events related to kidney research. It also provides a thorough explanation about your kidneys and how they work.

SAMHSA National Mental Health Information Center
This site provides a comprehensive database of topics about anxiety and stress management techniques and community support programs. You can also review national health topics and detailed discussions with many other helpful online links and publications.

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